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Les Petits Mouchoirs


Directed by Guillame Canet

Heartwarming and funny, Les Petits Mouchoirs manages to pack many story-lines into one film without overcrowding it.

Starting off the drama with Ludo (Jean Dujardin) involved in a serious accident, his friends (many of them whom are dating) decide that they must continue their annual holiday without him anyway and that if needs be, they can fly back in an instant to be with him.


We meet a host of characters, from the adorable Marie (Marion Cotillard) and her best friend who can’t keep a girlfriend Eric (Gilles Lellouche), grumpy Max (François Cluzet) and his organic, health-crazy wife who’s trying to keep the group together Véro (Valérie Bonneton), lovesick Antoine (Laurent Lafitte) who’s still pining after ex Juliette (Anne Marivin), infatuated Vincent (Benoît Magimel) and heartbroken Isabelle (Pascale Arbillot).


We initially are thrown into the first ‘issue’ among the group of friends – Vincent’s romantic feelings for Max, which causes a riff between the friends which will last the whole holiday. Especially causing problems with Vincent’s wife, Isabelle who longs to be touched. Throughout the film, we encounter Antoine’s problem with Juliette’s texts and why she won’t just settle for a clean break, Eric’s impossibility to settle down and commit to one girl with consequences, Marie who can’t bring herself to feel totally comfortable with any man, Max’s need for everything to be ‘just right’.

Les Petits Mouchoirs throws us into the circle of the friends and the paradise of their lives. We have our own opinions and own advice to give on their lives and dilemmas. I won’t give too much of the storyline away because it’s such a sweet film that half the fun of watching it is discovering how all their lives develop and come together to finish in one tear-jerking end.  

The realistic characters, subtle humour and sweet relationships make this film far from boring and more heartwarming which other films have failed to do in the past. The characters have real chemistry with one another on screen and blend together effortlessly.

Although my internet is playing up and not letting me use netflix and therefore I can’t hunt out some vocab for you, I leave you with this song which you will find a snippet played in the film. 




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