Who What Where When Why?

Hey there!

I’m a 2nd year student at the University of Sheffield studying French and Russian.

I love languages. I absolutely adore them. I want to learn them all. Unfortunately, with my fairly new addiction to Russian and my crazily new addiction to German as well as my interest in learning Greek in the future, sometimes I lose heart in the language which started off my love for lingo: French.

So, what I plan on doing is reigniting my passion pour la langue française through the means of the Media! This means films.

I decided to set myself the challenge of watching 100 French Films in 100 days. Not consecutive days, because obviously I still have to work (boo) to earn money to visit Russia and France. But 100 days all the same.

In this 100 days, I’ll be reflecting on what I thought of the film, any new vocabulary that I picked up and rating it out of 10.

Of course, I may fill in time with some interesting French vocabulary as I love learning new vocabulary.

Also, I am a feminist and the term ‘wench’ is used because it rhymes with French. I don’t find it offensive in this context.

Ok! That’s all for now!

Bisous xx

2 thoughts on “Who What Where When Why?

  1. undeuxcannes says:

    Hey, thanks for following my blog! I have just been having a look at yours and its given me some great new film suggestions so thanks 🙂 and good luck with your degree!

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